Regular Events at Kennington United Church

Morning Worship at
Kennington Every Sunday morning we meet to worship God. Anybody is welcome to join us, and we start at 10.00 a.m. and usually finish around 11.30, with tea and biscuits. The service begins with a fairly informal time of praise with lots of singing, and frequently prayer and testimony too.

There is a small Sunday School, with children from 10 to about 14 years. This is run by some of the church members, for children whose parents are attending the service. We hope that this area of our ministry will develop more over the next few years.

Visiting preachers supplement the teaching of our two ministers, so week by week we get new and fresh angles on the Word of God.

At least once a month, the morning service includes the sacrement of Holy Communion. As Jesus shared His "last supper" with His disciples, so we welcome all who love the Lord Jesus Christ to share with us as we use the bread and the wine as symbols of all he means to us.

House Group: Its a good time to pray for one another, as well as reading and discussing the meaning and application of parts of the Bible. Listen for announcements in the Sunday Service for details.

We often have "bring-and-share" meals, to meet together as friends. It is a good time to meet with like minded Christians from other fellowships, and we may have an after dinner speaker. Details are given in the notices during the Sunday Service.

We try to support the activities of "Churches Together Ashford" as far as possible.

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